Clean Energy Council awarded 2023 Chloe Munro Scholarship for Transformational Leadership to Manuela Londoño Ferro

1 Nov, 2023

The Clean Energy Council announced ten recipients of the 2023 Chloe Munro Scholarship for Transformational Leadership. We are thrilled that Manuela Londoño Ferro has been selected as one of the recipients.

This scholarship is open to emerging and mid-level female leaders in the fields of renewable energy, energy management and carbon abatement. Manuela will undertake the Leading Edge course, a four-month development program for early career leaders and managers.

“Climate change is one, if not the biggest, challenge humanity has ever faced. Clean energy transformation is at the front of this wicked problem, and for it to succeed, there must be fair and equal representation. Women must be part of the decision-making for transformational and structural change, and we have a great opportunity and responsibility to take the lead on this. Women will be confronted throughout their entire careers with the fact that there is a long way to go for equal representation. However, each milestone will demonstrate things can be done differently, and the pathway will be much more manageable for future generations. We are at an inflection point, and this is an excellent opportunity to be part of the change and evolution of humanity, not only for environmental and climate reasons but also as a more equal society.” Manuela Londoño Ferro, Business Development Lead, RayGen.

“It’s been fantastic to watch recipients of previous scholarships grow, evolve and progress into genuine leadership roles in our industry. Congratulations to the extraordinary winners of the 2023 awards.” Kane Thornton, Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council.

Chloe Munro Scholarship for Transformational Leadership 2023 Recipients Announced

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