Our Solar Power Plant’s low cost, high efficiency solar-plus-storage system provides renewable electricity on demand and at utility scale.

Water-based storage allows energy to be stored for hours or days at a time with the efficiency of traditional pumped hydro, however with fewer siting limitations.

It’s ideal for use in main grid electricity generation to replace coal and natural gas, or in micro and off-grid applications such as industrial operations or for remote communities.



Low-Cost Renewable Energy Storage

40 - 70% lower cost than batteries for 10 hours of storage


World Record Efficiency

World record-holding solar system efficiency


Flexible & Efficient Siting

Siting anywhere a traditional solar farm is feasible


Grid-Secure Power

Synchronous energy generation with fast ramp time


Low Ecological Impact

Less than 1% of traditional solar and battery system e-waste


No System Degradation

100% depth of discharge maintained for the system’s life of 30+ years

How it works


1. Focus Sunlight

A field of smart, self adjusting mirrors concentrates sunlight onto a raised receiver with PV Ultra modules, preserving the land’s agriculture use.


2. Convert To Electricity & Heat

RayGen’s PV Ultra converts sunlight to power with over 90% efficiency (32% to electricity and 60% to heat) using high efficiency, actively cooled photovoltaic modules.


3. Capture Energy in Thermal Stores

Heat extracted from PV Ultra modules is stored as hot water in a thermally insulated reservoir, while electricity either from PV Ultra or the grid is used to run a chiller to produce near freezing water in a second reservoir.


4. Generate Electricity On Demand

Stored hot and cold water drive an Organic Rankine Cycle engine (used for heat to power in the geothermal industry) to produce stable electricity on demand.

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